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IKERLAN develops aiXia, a secure data space and collaborative AI for Industry 4.0


It seeks to create a safe digital space, develop sustainable AI solutions between companies and create new business models.

  • The IKERLAN technology centre is participating as technical coordinator in the aiXia project, a collaborative artificial intelligence initiative funded by the Basque Government through the Hazitek programme, which aims to develop a platform that makes it easier for Industry 4.0 to share data securely and exploit it according to its needs.

Thanks to its multi-technological capabilities and cutting-edge experience in digitalisation, IKERLAN is participating in the three main areas of development of aiXia: a safe digital space, the development of sustainable artificial intelligence solutions in a collaborative way between companies and the creation of new business models. The development of aiXia has been based on the European federated data platform Gaia-X, in which IKERLAN participates.

For the development of aiXia, IKERLAN is working on the necessary architecture to manage the standardisation, interoperability, governance and control of the use and sharing of data between companies in different sectors. Also considering the sustainability of digital infrastructures to automatically optimise the resources consumed.

Likewise, the IKERLAN team oversees searching for and integrating new AI services capable of responding to the heterogeneous needs presented by the companies in the aiXia project consortium and their particular use cases.

Finally, the technology centre is also working on the creation of new business models based on data monetisation and the sale of federated services. This will enable the development and orchestration of machine learning lifecycles, thus facilitating the deployment of AI-based solutions that are sustainable and adaptable over time.

Increased business volume

aiXia seeks to generate new business opportunities for Basque companies, based on servitisation and the data economy. It is estimated that the solution developed within the framework of the project will enable the industry to increase its annual turnover by up to 4% and increase its international turnover by 5%. It is a project led by LANTEK and together with IKERLAN, companies such as Mondragon Assembly, Eroski, Goizper Group, Ingeteam, Lis Data Solutions and Ubikare are participating.

"At IKERLAN we are proud to promote a new, more collaborative and secure industrial digitalisation with projects such as aiXia", says Santi Txarramendieta, technical coordinator of the proposal from IKERLAN, and points out that "the new data spaces promise to transform the way companies share and use their data and knowledge. Thanks to this technological platform, the data economy is becoming a reality and access to technologies such as artificial intelligence is boosted. This not only increases the turnover and international reach of Basque industry, but also establishes new sustainable business models. This project is a step towards digitalisation that respects governance and sovereignty in the secure exchange of knowledge, fostering cooperation and unlocking unprecedented market potential for our partners and the wider business community.

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