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IKERLAN contributes its technology to reduce the impact of COVID-19


The technology centre is working on developing tools and models to evaluate the risks of contagion when returning to the workplace and to guarantee the safety of workers. At the same time, it is studying the feasibility of industrialising the production of respirators in the Basque Country.


IKERLAN has joined the movement that Basque companies and technology centres are promoting to help reduce the effects of COVID-19, coordinated by BRTA-Basque Research and Technology Alliance.

Thus, the centre is working, alongside Tecnalia and Vicomtech, on the project known as RAPID, for developing analysis and artificial intelligence tools and methods, in order to assess the risks of contagion on return to work, to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

The aim of this project is to help companies and institutions manage the reactivation or interruption of on-site work activities in a safe manner. Thus, in the de-escalation phase of confinement, this method will seek to ensure the safety and well-being of people by preventing further outbreaks of the disease during the process of the reactivation of economic activity.

Industrial-scale respirators

At the same time, IKERLAN is also developing another project to study the feasibility of industrialising the production of respirators in the Basque Country, taking into account the entire cycle of component supply, manufacture, assembly, certification and accreditation of the devices.

The aim of this initiative is to assess the possibilities offered by the Basque Country's business network to develop emergency solutions for this mission. This project is being developed by IKERLAN's Mechanical department in collaboration with Basque industrial companies in the healthcare sector.


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