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IKERLAN completes the renovation project at its headquarters entrusted to LKS KREAN and ULMA Architectural Solutions



IKERLAN has renovated its headquarters in Arrasate-Mondragón via an inter-cooperation project with LKS KREAN, a leading company in the field of engineering and architecture, and ULMA Architectural Solutions, a market leader in ventilated facades. The three cooperatives from the MONDRAGON Corporation have worked closely together in order to renovate the technological centre's headquarters, which, built in 1974, is regarded as an architectural treasure.

The project is part of IKERLAN's constant improvement process: the first steps of the project were taken in 2016 at the hands of LKS KREAN, the firm chosen to tackle the 8452 m2 which comprise the IKERLAN premises.

José Oleaga, an LKS KREAN architect, has respected and adapted the work of his predecessor, Álvaro Líbano, "maintaining the symbology of a construction that seeks to show the various branches of technology" while acting on the structural elements that enable collaborative work. It is a flexible building that offers the opportunity to act and adapt quickly to changing needs: an infrastructure that started out accommodating no more than 20 people and which now meets the needs of more than 300 workers who make up the IKERLAN workforce.

ULMA Architectural Solutions, meanwhile, has supplied and installed the most innovative materials for the façade cladding at IKERLAN, providing technical solutions that adjust to the complex geometric features of the building, a challenge for the Oñatiarra company. 6220 m2 of façade has been covered, integrating a ventilated façade system with polymer concrete for this formal design, which includes thermal and acoustic insulation enabling an improved energy classification.

The general manager of IKERLAN, Marcelino Caballero, has remarked that "renovating our building was a challenge due to its uniqueness and architectural complexity, and the result has been a success based on inter-cooperation and the good work of the parties involved. LKS KREAN has respected all the functional and geometrical aspects of the building and ULMA Architectural Solutions has overcome the complex façade of the building with new types of coverings”.

The renovation work on the façade was completed this year, along with the creation of new spaces such as the Experimental Area, the Combustion Laboratory and the Electronic, Information and Communication Technologies Laboratory.

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