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IK4-IKERLAN collaborates in the optimisation of the assembly of robots for the healthcare sector


The centre has implemented its equipment production methodology to improve the assembly of the Kiro Oncology robotic system


IK4-IKERLAN has collaborated alongside the Basque manufacturer Mondragon Assembly in the optimisation of the hardware of the Kiro Oncology robot, a system developed by the company Kiro Grifols, which automates the customised preparation of chemotherapy dosing.

This project has used the methodology of production of equipment developed by IK4-IKERLAN, also known as “rhythmic production”. This system has been successfully tested in several companies and ensures the delivery time of production systems of highly customised equipment.

The project, already completed, has managed to secure and significantly reduce the hours of assembly of the robot hardware. IK4-IKERLAN and Mondragon Assembly have prepared six assembly programs with different rates and have conducted an exhaustive analysis of the regulations of the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), which will be useful in future reviews of the assembly process. The flexible management model implemented optimises the production limits of the current installations.

The Mondragon Assembly team has also been trained to ensure a correct evolution of the process and to apply it to other possible products. In fact, the project has demonstrated that the approach developed can also be extended to more serial equipment.

By automating the preparation of chemotherapy, the Kiro Oncology robot eliminates the human margin of error in medication dosing, thereby increasing patient safety while minimising chemical risks for healthcare technicians, in a more efficient and economical way.

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