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IK4-IKERLAN shares its knowledge on the future of electricity storage


 The centre has participated in a seminar recently organised by Mondragon Eko


IK4-IKERLAN has participated in a seminar on the present and future of electricity storage that it organised recently at the Garaia Centre Mondragon Eko, the platform of the Mondragon Corporation devoted towards driving forward future business in the green economy sector. This event was attended by representatives of the administration, research centres, universities and private companies.

Specifically, the following organisations were present at the seminar: CIC Energigune, the Energy Cluster of the Basque Country, Mondragon University, and the companies CAF Power & Automation, Comarth, Acciona, Orona, Cegasa, Koneika and Iberdrola.

Unai Viscarret participated in the event on behalf of IK4-IKERLAN. He spoke about research and development in the field of storage. In his talk he provided information on the state of the technology and the current applications as well as on the future challenges and new lines of development in the field of electrical storage.

This field, that of electrical storage, is in fact one of IK4-IKERLAN’s most important areas of work, which is exploring solutions that will allow more efficient, more dependable and less polluting products to be developed. The centre is developing products for the energy, industry and transport sectors in collaboration with leading companies.

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