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IK4-IKERLAN recognises the work of its PhD students


Currently, the centre has 34 doctoral theses being developed, all within its three main lines of research. Its commitment towards the qualified training of its research staff is a strategic pillar of the centre.


IK4-IKERLAN held a Doctorate Day, an event that took place at the Orona Foundation, in Orona Ideo de Hernani. The purpose of this event was for IK4-IKERLAN to express the “recognition and value of the work and endeavours of its doctoral students, emphasising the importance of the results achieved through their research and their contribution to society,” said Ion Etxeberria, Personnel Director at IK4-IKERLAN. The event was attended by more than 120 people, comprised of doctoral students, tutors, researchers and other guests.

Currently, IK4-IKERLAN has 34 dissertations underway, a figure that adds up to more than 80 completed dissertations to date, demonstrating the Centre’s historical strategic commitment over towards the qualified training of its researchers. In fact, IK4-IKERLAN “had invested more than one million euros in the training of its researchers, in 2017,” said Etxeberria. In this manner, IK4-IKERLAN stands out as an “ideal space for undertaking doctorate studies”, since they are specifically focused on the real needs of the industry and on the development of people’s skillsets and knowledge.

A Conference to share experiences and knowledge

The event was attended by various speakers who shared their experiences and knowledge with regard to what it means to undertake a PhD at IK4-IKERLAN.

Ion Etxeberria emphasised the importance of doctoral students for the centre’s mission, along with the sharing of their personal experience with the development of their dissertation.

The event was also attended by a special guest, the Director of the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), Ricardo Díez Muiño, who made a presentation on The Courage of being a Doctor which instilled those attending with a dose of courage, perseverance and responsibility.

The event continued with a speech made by Irune Agirre, a researcher at the Centre’s Department of Dependable Embedded Systems, who has recently completed her doctoral studies. Phinally Done made a novel presentation, where she explained the steps she took and how it brought her co-workers closer to an increasingly better known reality.

To finish, the doctoral students were given the stage to show the more relevant aspects of their theses through a poster session where each has presented their work.

In short, it was an event filled with useful information, where IK4-IKERLAN’s the three strategic lines of research were showcased: Electronic, Information and Communication, Power and Power Electronics, and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. In addition, the event served to highlight the uniqueness of undertaking a PhD at a centre such as IK4-IKERLAN.

Here you can find the current PhD offer at IK4-IKERLAN.

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