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IK4-IKERLAN promotes IKERLANSarea: a network for keeping in touch with its former workers


IKERLANSarea was launched on 7th April of this year at a function dedicated to employees whose professional careers at the centre have ended


IK4-IKERLAN has put a network for its former workers in place, aiming to keep in touch with them and acknowledge their contribution to the centre’s project. By doing so, it hopes to foster a close relationship with those who have been part of the centre and to promote their work as ambassadors for the organisation. This initiative, named IKERLANSarea, was launched on 7th April of this year at a function held at the centre’s headquarters, in Arrasate-Mondragón.

The presentation event for this project consisted of a function dedicated to those employees whose professional careers at IK4-IKERLAN have ended. The attendees - around thirty in total - were shown a photo presentation which looked back over some of their most significant experiences at the centre.

They were also presented with the centre’s new strategic plan, IK2020, and were shown around the facilities, where they saw the recent laboratory adaptations. After the presentation, all of the attendees ate lunch together.

IK4-IKERLAN aims to keep a bi-directional channel of communication open with its former workers. Additionally, they will be invited to a variety of functions organised by the centre, such as Elkarte Eguna, different talks, leaving events and other celebrations.

“One of our most important values is cooperation and we don’t want this to end once employees leave IK4-IKERLAN. We like to keep our contact with them alive because they have contributed to our collective story and we think that they should continue to do so from their new positions,” assures Ion Etxeberria, People Manager.

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