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IK4-IKERLAN presents the Multipartes project at a top forum on automotive electronics


IK4-IKERLAN participated in the Autosar Working Group Conference, held recently in Berlin


IK4-IKERLAN took part in the Autosar Working Group Conference, one of the most important forums worldwide in the field of automotive electronics, which was held in Berlin recently. In it Jon Pérez, the coordinator of IK4-IKERLAN’s line of research into Embedded Systems, dealt with the aims and results achieved in the Multipartes European project, which the centre is leading.

The technology needed to incorporate multiple embedded systems for control purposes with varying degrees of criticality into a single multicore platform (fitted with various processing cores) is being developed within the framework of this project, funded by the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme. In addition to its impact on the automotive sector, this technology has applications in spheres as diverse as video devices, the aerospace sector and wind energy.

Embedded systems for control purposes are computer processors that are built into a whole host of objects used every day. If chips from a single processor were used more than anything else in the past, the technology developed in this project will enable various processors that undertake very different tasks within one and the same platform to be integrated. This will enable their weight, the space they occupy, the cost of the hardware and their energy consumption to be significantly reduced.

The conference, which took place on 4 November, was well attended by representatives of original equipment manufacturers and suppliers of the world’s top automotive companies.

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