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IK4-IKERLAN presents a paper at the inauguration of the Battery Innovation Center in Brussels



On 8 December IK4-IKERLAN participated as a speaker during the inauguration in Brussels of the Battery Innovation Center (BIC), an R&D centre that is destined to be one of the benchmarks in Europe in research relating to the field of electric vehicles. This centre, which reports to the prestigious Free University Brussels (VuB), is located in the Belgian capital and has opened its doors with a seminar in which some of the main European organisations in the field of energy have participated.

During the event entitled Advances in energy storage for mobile and stationary applications the IK4-IKERLAN researcher Igor Villarreal gave a paper on the various applications of electricity storage in the industrial sector (lifts, trams, intelligent networks, etc.) as well as on the centre’s capabilities in this respect.

Apart from the organising body and IK4-IKERLAN, organisations of the calibre of UMICORE, 3M and Toyota also participated as speakers in the seminar.

“We are very satisfied and proud because we were invited to speak, because that reflects the fact that IK4-IKERLAN is a benchmark across Europe in research into electricity storage,” said Villarreal. “Participating in this seminar provides us with a high degree of visibility before a very important audience, which includes the big names in the field of electricity storage in Europe,” he added.

IK4-IKERLAN and the VuB have recently signed a collaboration agreement to work together in this field of research. By virtue of this agreement, the two bodies will be collaborating on the development of PhD theses and joint activities in research and development projects and will also be encouraging researcher exchange and mobility, among other things.

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