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IK4-IKERLAN is organizing a day for industrial companies that want to take their first steps in digitalization


The event, which will take place on May 16 at the headquarters of IK4-IKERLAN in Arrasate-Mondragón, seeks to advise companies in their first steps towards Industry 4.0

  • The technological centre will present during the day the capabilities of IKERLAN KONNEKT, its family of integral solutions for the industrialization of products and services
  • Representatives of Fagor Arrasate and GH Cranes will explain the competitive advantages acquired after implementing IKERLAN KONNEKT solutions

IK4-IKERLAN will celebrate on May 16 at its headquarters located in Arrasate-Mondragón an informative day about its proven experience in digitization processes carried out in close collaboration with Basque companies.

During the meeting, which will start at 9:00, the capabilities of IKERLAN KONNEKT, the family of technological solutions for Industry 4.0 of IK4-IKERLAN, will be shown, to develop integral projects in the digitalisation branch, from the conceptualization to the prototype.

This will be approached from a practical point of view, through several successful cases implemented in Basque reference industries. To this end, the speakers from the technology centre, such as Ion Etxeberria, director of TEIC, and Salva Trujillo, head of the IoT Cybersecurity team, will be joined by representatives of Fagor Arrasate and GH Cranes from Gipuzkoa to explain what the evolution of its manufacturing processes after has been implementing KERLAN KONNEKT's technological solutions.

The day is mainly aimed at managers and technical directors of companies that have not yet made the leap to the digitalization of their products and services. The event aims to provide advice and information on existing technologies and resources to implement personalised digital systems in their production processes.


IK4-IKERLAN is a leading centre for technology transfer and for providing competitive value to companies due, among other things, to the expertise of its researchers. It offers comprehensive solutions by combining different fields of technology in three main areas: Electronics, information and communication technology (EICT), Energy and power electronics and Advanced manufacturing. In 2017, AENOR, has certified IK4-IKERLAN’s comprehensive management system (UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE 166002:2014), which is a acknowledging of the excellence of the centre in the R&D&I area. It currently has a staff of approximately 300 people.

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