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Embedded systems and IKERLAN, a leader in industrial applications for over 40 years


From the 1970s to the present day, IKERLAN has been at the forefront of this technology via technology transfer to companies and extensive research.

  • We have undertaken a large number of projects complying with the highest safety standards (up to SIL-4)

IKERLAN's beginnings in the field of embedded systems date back to the 1970s. These programmable electronic devices are built into the products and control one or more of their functions, providing them with new features such as monitoring, surveillance, control, automation or energy management.
 The challenge at that time was based on providing the machines and mechanical systems with electronics.
 In fact, the launch of a microprocessor was one of the barriers that we were able to break down, becoming pioneers at a national level when it came to incorporating a microprocessor into an industrial system.  Later, the demand in this field would progress to the understanding of functional safety regulations.

The challenge now is to export these technologies to more technologically ambitious projects or to automate them so that the cost of development and maintenance is much lower, so that they reach more and more companies.

Throughout this time, our hardware and software skills and reliability have been critical in the national and international arena. However, there is something more important than having all this knowledge, and that is knowing how to apply it in each case so that it truly brings additional value to companies.

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In recent years the trend has been towards connectivity, an area in which we are bringing to bear all our expertise in fields such as Edge Computing. As regards service, the validation of these systems is also becoming more sophisticated with the arrival of digital twins.
 In both cases, our knowledge of embedded, control and functional safety systems continues to be of importance with the arrival of new technologies and the combination of these (cybersecurity, secure embedded artificial intelligence, etc.).

In the IKERLAN embedded systems area,  we form alliances with the best international partners, in order to enrich our knowledge. This is why we have worked with Professor Hermann Kopetz's research group for more than a decade, with several theses and a large number of European projects, which have helped us to position ourselves as a benchmark in secure hardware and software architecture at an international level.

The work of our entire team in understanding the needs of the client at all times is what has allowed us to achieve our current position. The major milestones that we have successfully achieved at IKERLAN include the real-time control units applied in the railway and lift sector, which are among the most powerful in the country. Also, we have undertaken projects with more than a dozen clients and sectors with the highest levels of functional safety SIL 4; in other words, those used in applications on which the lives of people or the sound condition of costly infrastructures and equipment depend.

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