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AENOR certifies IK4-IKERLAN’s comprehensive management system


The licence entails acknowledging the excellence of the centre in the R&D&I area, and it boosts the continuous improvement dynamics contained in its Strategic Plan 2020


The certification leader entity in Spain AENOR, has certified IK4-IKERLAN’s comprehensive management system based on the referenced regulations UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE 166002:2014

Said regulations acknowledge the capacity of the Arrasate-Mondragón technological centre to develop R&D&I projects that completely satisfy the requirements of the client and the established regulations.

Specifically, the audit carried out by the independent entity at the end of October, has resulted in the renewal of the certificate of the quality management system and its realignment with the new version (UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015). At the same time, AENOR has granted the licence for the R&D&I management system (UNE 166002:2014).

The certificates constitute a distinguishing element in the market and a guarantee for the products and services offered, in addition to a safe value for the client.

Therefore, both licences represent for IK4-IKERLAN an acknowledgement of the excellence of the activities it develops and it boosts the continuous improvement dynamics contained in its Strategic Plan 2020. 

Here you can check all the certifications of IK4-IKERLAN.


IKERLAN is a leading centre for technology transfer and for providing competitive value to companies due, among other things, to the expertise of its researchers. It offers comprehensive solutions by combining different fields of technology. This is possible owing to its high level of specialisation in three main areas: Electronics, information and communication technology (EICT), Energy and power electronics and Advanced manufacturing. It currently has a staff of approximately 300 people. 

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