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Doctoral theses


Research Lines


Reliability analysis of bonded joints in wind turbine blades. An experimental and numerical pyramid approach for static and cyclic strength.

Directors: Dirk Vandepitte, Hodei Usabiaga University: KU Leuven

Desarrollo de modelos para el cálculo de uniones estructurales con adhesivos flexibles

Directors: Albert Turón Travesa and Javier Zurbitu González University: AMADE Girona

Cognitive radio for industrial wireless sensor networks

Directors: Mikel Mendikute and Iñaki Val University: MGEP-MU 

Quasi-Static and Fatigue Delamination Characterisation for Carbon Fibre Reinforced Woven Laminates: Investigation into the nesting effect between laye

Directors: Laurentzi Aretxabaleta and Dirk Vandepitte University: University of Mondragon and KU Leuven

Scalable Model Edition, Query and Version Control Through Embedded Database Persistence

Directors: Goiuria Sagardui and Salvador Trujillo University: MGEP-MU 

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