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Schedulability analysis and optimization of time-partitioned distributed real-time systems

Andoni Amurrio


  • DIRECTORS: J. Javier Gutiérrez and Mario Aldea (UC) – Ekain Azketa (IK)
  • UNIVERSITY: Universidad de Cantabria 


The increasing complexity of modern control systems leads many companies to have to resize or redesign their solutions to adapt them to new functionalities and requirements. A paradigmatic case of this situation has occurred in the railway sector, where the implementation of signaling applications has been carried out using traditional techniques that, although they currently meet the basic requirements, their time performance and functional scalability can be substantially improved. From the solutions proposed in this thesis, besides contributing to the assessment of systems that require functional safety certification, the base technology for schedulability analysis and optimization of general as well as time-partitioned distributed real-time systems will be derived, which can be applied in different environments where cyber-physical systems play a key role, for example in Industry 4.0 applications, where similar problems may arise in the future.

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