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Reducing transport protocol latency: QUIC Protocol enhancements

Mihail Zverev


  • DIRECTORS: Josu Bilbao Ugalde and Ramón Agüero Calvo
  • UNIVERSITY: Universidad de Cantabria


Internet users are striving for faster, more reliable and more secure connections. Nowadays the smartphones can access cellular and Wi-Fi networks, which use wireless links of limited reliability. The simultaneous use of multiple network interfaces, known as MultiPath (MP), and Forward Error/Erasure Correction (FEC) could greatly increase communication capacity and reliability. QUIC is a new alternative transport protocol to TCP that reduces latencies and offers greater ease of extension with new functionalities. This thesis focuses on further improving an already efficient transport protocol with FEC and MP functionalities. Apart from verifying the transmission time reduction brought by the proposed techniques, we observe the interactions between them and the original QUIC protocol.

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