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Privacy-Driven E2E Data Exchange for Value Chains

Aintzane Mosteiro Sanchez


  • DIRECTORS:Jasone Astorga Burgo and Marc Barcelo Llado


Digitization is an unstoppable phenomenon, affecting all aspects of life and society, including the industrial sector. One of the technologies that act as a motor and drive these changes are the Internet of Things, or IoT devices. In fact, IoT devices specifically intended for industrial use have been referred to as Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices. These devices, along with other technologies such as artificial intelligence, Cloud computing or Big Data, have driven industrial transformation and have given rise to Industry 4.0. This industrial transformation has brought great benefits to the industrial environment, but also new risks and vulnerabilities. For all of the above, it follows that it is crucial to have a system that can guarantee the security of all information transmitted in Industry 4.0. At plant level, there are many security solutions, regulated by institutions such as the IEC, ENISA or ICS-CERT. However, the regulation focuses on the security to be deployed within each industrial plant, while the protection of the exchange of information between plants is not so regulated or defined. Thus, the objective of this thesis is the design of an information exchange system, which covers the entire value chain, and is capable of guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of the end-to-end data.

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