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Facing Evolution on Industry 4.0: Modular Monitoring and Adaptive & Adaptable Visualization for Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems

Aitziber Iglesias


  • DIRECTORS: Goiuria Sagardui and Cristóbal Arellano
  • UNIVERSITY: Mondragon Unibertsitatea


Industry 4.0 comes to play an important role in various industrial domains where monitoring industrial cyber-physical systems (ICPSs) is becoming essential. This is due to the necessity to efficiently collect data from industrial processes for then making decisions that can impact on the operation of the industrial systems. Typically, the ICPSs are composed by heterogeneous, distributed and autonomous physical devices which can evolve over time. Thus, this makes necessary the adaptation of the monitoring system according to the physical devices. In this dissertation, it is proposed a monitoring system for ICPSs that evolve over time, that has been designed for multiple domains. In this proposal, the data capture and storage beside the ICPS evolution detection and information visualization are considered. To do so, the proposed solution is composed by two subsystems: (I) Modular Monitoring System which is based on the union of different standards able to capture data and store it in a structured manner and; (II) Personal Visualization & Evolution Detection System where the user has the possibility of customizing its visualization and the system is able to trigger alerts on ICPS evolution. In order to validate the proposal a prototype of each system has been developed and finally evaluated.

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