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Development of methodologies to analyse the performance of pitch bearing raceways under fretting wear damage

David Cubillas Álvarez


  • DIRECTORS: Iñigo Llavori and Mireia Olave
  • UNIVERSITY: Mondragon Unibertsitatea


The optimization of the designs and the advances in component manufacturing techniques have resulted in large wind turbines, and as a consequence standard component calculation methodologies are no longer applicable. In this thesis, the research focuses on the fretting phenomenon in the contact between the ball and the raceway of blade bearings. Following the objective of developing a methodology to analyze damage under operating conditions, formulations have been proposed and validated for the analysis of radial fretting, caused by variable loads, rotational fretting, caused by oscillating rolling movements, and mixed fretting, defined as the combination of both. Finally, the analysis of a case of study was performed.

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