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Cost-optimal Integration of Innovative Powertrain Technologies into Rail Vehicles

Josu Olmos Amondarain


  • DIRECTORS: Andoni Saez de Ibarra and Iosu Aizpuru
  • UNIVERSITY: Mondragon Unibertsitatea


This Ph.D. Thesis deals with a holistic design methodology to achieve the cost-optimal integration of fuel cell and battery systems in railway vehicles, focusing on the hybrid fuel cell -battery and hybrid diesel - battery topologies. In order to obtain a cost-efficient solution for these topologies, the proposed holistic methodology is focused on the optimization of the powertrain elements (technology and size) and the energy management strategies. The methodology is based on a complete analysis of the Life Cycle Cost, which is composed of several steps. First, the cost of integrating different powertrain sizings, battery technologies and energy management strategies is compared. Secondly, the obtained conclusions are evaluated in different frameworks, including multiple railway routes and economic contexts. Within the development of this analysis, this Ph.D. Thesis proposes several innovative energy management strategies, and a novel chemistry-dependent battery lifetime estimation model. The methodology and the whole life cycle cost analysis are implemented for the two rail vehicle topologies mentioned before: the fuel cell - battery hybrid topology and the diesel - battery hybrid topology.

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