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Service 4.0: Asset Management Model

Service 4.0: Asset Management Model






720 000,00 €


Basque Government: EMAITEK

The purpose of the Asset Management Model is to support manufacturers of capital goods in the design and deployment of a high added value after-sales services, ensure optimal management over the assets during their entire useful life and offer a range of necessary market requirements. This allows for a clear evolution towards an increasingly profitable and recurrent service to be consolidated as an essential aspect of their business model.

our contribution

At IKERLAN, we have developed an eight-phase model, while has a modular implementation approach. It can be customised depending on the characteristics and needs of each situation.

Accordingly, methodologies and tools have been developed to analyse the behaviour of the assets in their actual operational environments, define the ideal maintenance mix for each situation and deploy the after-sales service. A composition of services can be defined that will become part of the value proposition.


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