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122 553. 00 €


Basque Government: HAZITEK

The main objective of this project is to develop an intelligent, autonomous system to monitor the wear and tear of the brakes / clutches and diagnose their operational efficiency by controlling the deterioration of the brake pads and the internal temperature of the clutch / brake on the contact surface.

The purpose of this project is to make it possible to monitor the condition of a brake-clutch by measuring the wear of the brake pads exposed to friction and the temperature at the point of friction. This allows, firstly, a predictive maintenance based on continuous monitoring of wear and tear and, secondly, to know the operational efficiency based on temperature. This means that the solution developed also allows, by combining the data from the sensors, the control of optimal operating conditions, avoiding phenomena such as fading (loss in efficiency of the brake system due to intensive use).

This will provide a high value-added solution for the companies participating in this initiative, Fagor Electrónica and Goizper and, specifically, for the company leading the initiative, Goizper, a developer and manufacturer of clutch-brakes.

our contribution

IKERLAN has collaborated with Goizper and Fagor Electrónica in carrying out the following tasks:

  • Identifying the technical specifications of the solution to be developed.
  • Optimising and industrialising the required sensors.
  • Designing and developing all the sub-modules that are used in the emitter node located in the body of the brake-clutch.
  • Analysing the energy needs of the wireless sensor node.
  • Designing and developing a receiver module.
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