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Advanced energy management solutions and charging systems based on smart mobility





2018 - 2019


150 011.76 €


Gipuzkoa Regional Government: Gipuzkoa science, technology and innovation network

A greater social awareness of the environment and the price reduction of storage systems are allowing the development and implementation of sustainable mobility solutions worldwide, focusing on the implementation of hybrid and electric buses in more and more cities.

In order to allow a massive deployment, the Urban Transport Sector Industry faces the challenge of developing technological solutions that enable a more energy-efficient and economically more cost-effective urban mobility for end users and operators. 

Given this scenario, the On-Mobility project was created to meet the expected needs with two main objectives. The first objective focuses on developing intelligent storage management solutions and advanced charging systems, including technologies that enable the deployment of energy-efficient and economically cost-effective urban electric mobility. The second focuses on ensuring the competitiveness and excellence of the Basque Research Network agents, regarding technologies that enable electric mobility suitable for the needs of the Basque Industrial Fabric, in order to be easily transferred. 

our contribution

IKERLAN focuses on developing a technology that enables the improvement of the reliability and accuracy of storage system useful life estimates. In addition, the company will also work on creating innovative solutions for the intelligent management of storage systems to optimise their performance during their useful life. At the centre, all the knowledge and skills will also be applied to address the development of power electronics converters based on new semiconductors, to achieve a more efficient and advanced charging infrastructure.

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