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State administration: Ayudas CERVERA para Centros Tecnológicos

MIRAGED aims to improve the skills of research groups involved in the development of virtual models and digital twins applied to modelling, simulation and the prediction of the behaviour of machines and manufacturing processes.

Three technical activities have been defined within the work network. The first is geared towards the development of "virtual factories", developing models to simulate the behaviour of manufacturing processes such as hot forming, welding, machining, grinding, induction tempering and non-destructive inspection. In the second line of research, technical advances will be aimed at predicting the onset of a service failure, models to predict crack propagation and the remaining service life of the system and at the development of dynamic behaviour models. Lastly, the third activity will focus on integrating the models developed in previous activities into the digital twins.

In addition, the technology centres will work on the training of researchers, on the dissemination of results, and on specific initiatives to promote technology transfer to the industrial sector.

our contribution

In addition to leading the project, IKERLAN will develop new simulation methods for the induction tempering process and new models for the initiation and propagation of fatigue cracks. The latter are expected to be integrated into digital twins of capital goods for in-service monitoring and estimation of their remaining life.

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Iker Urresti

Applied mechanics - Head of department

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