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LEMA: predictive maintenance for lifts

Monitoring technologies to predict and avoid failures in lifts

LEMA: Predictive maintenance for lifts


  • Grupo Orona


State administration: Retos-Colaboración

The purpose of this project is to develop monitoring methodologies to predict and foresee the occurrence of defects in lifts, whether from electrical or mechanical origin. We aim to define which lifts will allow us to obtain the greatest information to be able to predict the occurrence of these possible failures. To do that, a series of algorithms are being developed which will allow us to process and interpret said data in real time.

our contribution

IKERLAN cooperates with Orona and Mondragon Unibertsitatea in the development of a methodology to monitor lifts. This methodology will be later integrated on in an industrial controller, which will monitor elevators in real time. 

This development will allow Orona to offer an after-sale service of predictive maintenance through Internet, aimed at the needs of every customer, to extend the life cycle of the product and to significantly reduce the costs of maintenance, thus improving customer satisfaction.

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