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European programmes: Horizon 2020 - Research and Innovation Framework Programme

Fractal's objective is to create a digitalisation solution based on artificial intelligence, so that machines are capable of 'self-diagnosis', adapting to the environment, predicting errors and resolving them before they occur. To this end, it will develop a hardware and software solution, which will equip machines with intelligence and cognitive abilities, applicable in sectors such as energy, transport and industry.

It combines four of the technologies that are a priority focus for research in the European Union, namely: edge computing (which consists of bringing data processing as close as possible to where it is being generated, moving such processing from the cloud to the end devices), big data, 5G and artificial intelligence.

The solution developed at Fractal will allow physical devices in a production plant to communicate with one another and be able to share data between them so that they can work together to solve problems that may arise in the plant, without the need for human intervention. It will also make it possible to detect obstacles so as to avoid collisions in industrial environments, as well as allowing self-propelled urban trains to make precision stops and estimate the presence of other vehicles and people.

our contribution

In addition to coordinating the project, we collaborate in the hardware design and development, we lead the security capabilities of the solution, we lead and implement the artificial intelligence platform where the developments will be executed and we participate in the implementation of the necessary predictive models for each use case. Finally, we will also work on edge computing and 5G communications. Therefore, at Ikerlan we are working on the 5 key technologies mentioned above.

Other research projects we collaborate with

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