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Security and data privacy technologies



  • Gradiant

  • Fidesol

  • Vicomtech





3 359 955,00 €


State administration: Ayudas CERVERA para Centros Tecnológicos

The ÉGIDA cluster, consisting of GRADIANT, FIDESOL, VICOMTECH and IKERLAN, aspires to lead the Spanish market in information security challenges, in line with the cyber security strategy in Europe and Spain.

The main goal of the strategic cluster ÉGIDA is to become a benchmark for research in security and data privacy technologies in both the national and international sphere. Its main mission is to conduct joint research and development work in the different lines of activity defined, to encourage collaboration between the technology centres that form part of the group and to create a space for joint multi-disciplinary research focusing on transfer of knowledge and technology to the market, attracting and training the necessary talent to address this challenge.

our contribution

IKERLAN will contribute to the project with its cyber Secretary experience in development, assessment and certification of industrial components and in technologies for distributed networks such as 5G mobile networks, IoT or Blockchain.

Also, IKERLAN’s cyber security lab, fully equipped for validation of industrial components and systems based on information and communication technologies (ICTs), will be made available for the project. This laboratory can be used for checking systems to find vulnerabilities, measure communication robustness or verify security mechanisms and for carrying out different attacks such as side channel and fault injection attacks.

Other research projects we collaborate with

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