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Technologies for industrial cybersecurity



  • Ceit-IK4
  • Vicomtech
  • Tecnun 
  • EPS-MU
  • BCAM


2018 - 2019


712 800,00 €


Basque Government: ELKARTEK

Cybersecurity has become a key factor for industry. The roll out of the Industry 4.0 strategy implies a significant increase in the connectivity of industrial systems, which in turn increases the attack surface and threats they are exposed.

Protection for industrial systems requires a very high level of technological expertise and specialisation, since the measures being employed must be closely linked to the features of the devices being protected and they must be integrated into their actual design. Accordingly, it is essential that companies making up the Basque Autonomous Community are part of network of centres and universities that have the highest level of cybersecurity, as well as a broad knowledge of security frameworks, regulations, threats and technology.

Within this context, the CYBERPREST project was born, which aims at generating cybersecurity knowledge in order to provide a solution for the Advanced and Intelligent Business of the Basque Industry, while averting attacks and safeguarding the Basque industrial companies. Moreover, it seeks to ensure stakeholder competitiveness and excellence of the Basque Research Network in top-level cybersecurity technologies, in addition to driving and complementing the strategy of the Basque Cybersecurity Centre from the laboratory, where several members of the consortium are involved.

our contribution

Apart from heading the project management, at IKERLAN we focus on the certification of the development methodology for security products and the definition of strategies for validating cybersecurity in industrial products. We also impart our knowledge regarding vulnerability detection and management tools and configurable security measures for ultra-low power devices. Furthermore, we also develop secure and efficient wIoT Blockchain applications and we are involved in the deployment of secure runtime environments for embedded devices.

Other research projects we collaborate with

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