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Scientific publications


Research Lines


DRain: An Engine for Quality-of-Result Driven Process-Based Data Analytics

12th International Conference, BPM 2014, Haifa, Israel, September 7-11, 2014. Proceedings, pp 349-356  

Carbon nanotube wiring for signal amplification of electrochemical magneto immunosensors. Application to myeloperoxidase detection

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry .2014 Sep;406 (22):5487-93

Calendar ageing analysis of a LiFePO4/graphite cell with dynamic model validations: Towards realistic lifetime predictions

Journal of Power Sources

Wind gust detection and load mitigation using artificial neural networks assisted control

Wind Energy Volume 17, Issue 7, pages 957–970, July 2014  

R3TOS-based autonomous fault-tolerant systems

Micro, IEEE Volume:34 , Issue: 6, Pages 20 - 30

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