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Scientific publications


Research Lines


Optimal Energy Management of an Improved Elevator with Energy Storage Capacity based on Dynamic Programming

Industry Applications, IEEE Transactions on, Volume: PP , Issue: 99. 2013

Comparison of fast permanent magnet flux estimation methods for railway traction application PMSMs

Power Electronics and Applications (EPE), 2013 15th European Conference on

Comparison of multi-phase SAB converters vs. multi-phase SRC converters

Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE), 2013 IEEE

Relevant issues of impedance modeling for high power Li-Ion batteries

5th International Symposium on Advanced Battery Power, 26-27 February 2013, Aachen, Germany

The Challenge of Developing Energy Storage Systems: Validation Infrastructures

Keynote at Batteries 2012 Conference, Niza. [24th-26th of October 2012 – Nice, France]

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