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“Supply Network Configuration” Intelligent Non-hierarchical Manufacturing Networks

Castellano, E., Besga, J.M., Uribetxeberria, J., Saiz, E.

In: Intelligent Non-hierarchical Manufacturing Networks, Edited by R. Poler, L.M. Carneiro, T. Jasinski, M. Zolghadri and P. Pedrazzoli, Network and Telecommunications Series: 73-102. London: ISTE Ltd. and Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN: 978-1-84821-481-1. 2012. 


A key issue faced by organizations today is the challenge to deliver the products matching the needs of individual customers, in different geographical markets, at any time, and preferably individually customized, as cheaply and as quickly as possible. The mass customization strategy has been suggested as a way to address the challenge of providing individual products with mass production efficiency. From a networked production perspective, REMPLANET has developed a computational simulation Decision Support Systems (DSS) that is presented in this chapter. This tool allows designing and configuring supply networks to provide customised products for different what-if scenarios.

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