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Optimization Techniques and Formal Verification for the Software Design of Boolean Algebra Based Safety-Critical Systems

Perez J., Flores J.L., Blum C., Cerquides J., Abuin A.

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics


Artificial intelligence, and the ability to learn optimized solutions that comply with a set of safety rules, could facilitate the human-based design process of safety-critical systems. However, the reconciliation of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology with current safety standards and safety engineering processes is a challenge to be addressed. In this article, this publication describes a method based on optimization and on formal verification for the design of safety-critical systems that are defined by Boolean algebra. Several diverse optimization techniques and a hybrid of these approaches are used to find an optimized design that considers performance requirements, availability rules, and complies with all defined safety rules. Subsequently, this solution is translated into an alternative knowledge representation that can be formally verified and developed in compliance with currently considered safety standards. This method is evaluated with a simplified safety-critical case study.

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