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On the Feasibility of Wireless Communications for Safety Applications in Industry

Sanz P., Seijo O., Llorente M.C., Montalban J., Angueira P., Val I.

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics


This paper presents a methodology to characterize the reliability and safety capabilities of redundant wireless systems planned for an industrial application. The equations that describe the residual error are presented and studied in situations that model an industrial wireless scenario. We propose different voting systems and their performance is evaluated analytically and by simulations. Likewise, a voting system based on a combination of filtering and cross-checking techniques is proposed. This solution significantly reduces the probability of undetected dangerous events while maintaining availability under control. Moreover, an improved version with triple redundancy is also presented. The results demonstrate that it is possible to fulfill the requirements of standard IEC 61508 without compromising system availability statistics. The solutions have been implemented on hardware wireless prototypes to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed voting systems.

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