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Low-speed bearing fault diagnosis based on permutation and spectral entropy measures

Diego Sandoval, Urko Leturiondo, Francesc Pozo, Yolanda Vidal

Applied Sciences


Despite its influence on wind energy service life, condition-based maintenance is still challenging to perform. For offshore wind farms, which are placed in harsh and remote environments, damage detection is critically important to schedule maintenance tasks and reduce operation and maintenance costs. One critical component to be monitored on a wind turbine is the pitch bearing, which can operate at low speed and high loads. Classical methods and features for general purpose bearings cannot be applied effectively to wind turbine pitch bearings owing to their specific operating conditions (high loads and non-constant very low speed with changing direction). Thus, damage detection of wind turbine pitch bearings is currently a challenge. In this study, entropy indicators are proposed as an alternative to classical bearing analysis. For this purpose, spectral and permutation entropy are combined to analyze a raw vibration signal from a low-speed bearing in several scenarios. The results indicate that entropy values change according to different types of damage on bearings, and the sensitivity of the entropy types differs among them. The study offers some important insights into the use of entropy indicators for feature extraction and it lays the foundation for future bearing prognosis methods.

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