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Improvement of throughput in vehicular ad-hoc networks using RODEO, a method for radio resource reallocation over LTE

De-la-Iglesia, I., Hernandez-Jayo, U.

Vehicular Communications


This paper treats the sharing of the radio spectrum by cellular and vehicular users, focusing on maximizing the throughput of these users while respecting the required quality of service. The proposed method is called RODEO, and has been designed for the development of applications in a cooperative vehicular scenario, where vehicles in a certain geographical area have to share information related to traffic situations or events. In a high density scenario, nodes, such as vehicles, move at high speed and technologies like IEEE 802.11p have some drawbacks, which can be overcome by cellular technologies like LTE. RODEO has been tested, validated, and compared with other techniques. The throughput provided by it to cellular and vehicular nodes that co-exist in different scenarios, minimizing the use of resources while maintaining the quality of service demanded by the applications of the global set of users, has been measured.

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