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Developing a business case for a renewable energy community in a public housing settlement in greece—the case of a student housing and its challenges,

Botsaris, P.N., Giourka, P., Papatsounis, A., Dimitriadou, P., Goitia-Zabaleta, N., Patsonakis, C.

Sustainability (Switzerland)


Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh) has formed, under the European Project Renaissance (Renewable Integration & Sustainability in Energy Communities, HORIZON 2020, GA 824342), a virtual Renewable Energy Community (REC) in Greece located nearby Kimmeria at the northeast of the city of Xanthi, at the North-eastern Greece. The REC formed is the first energy community designed in a public housing settlement in Greece and its members are: (a) the Democritus University of Thrace, (b) the Municipality of Xanthi and (c) a local industry. DUTh’s main objective is to explore, leverage and mobilize stakeholders to apply schemes for a social group of end users (i.e., students from low-income families) in order to participate in the operation and management of a local renewable energy community, gaining also non-financial benefits. This paper presents the business case scenario and the market players evolving at an Energy Community which includes a public establishment of student residences in Greece.

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