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Delay and Energy Consumption of MQTT over QUIC: An Empirical Characterization Using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Devices

Jeddou S., Fernández F., Diez L., Baina A., Abdallah N., Agüero R.



The QUIC protocol, which was originally proposed by Google, has recently gained a remarkable presence. Although it has been shown to outperform TCP over a wide range of scenarios, there exist some doubts on whether it might be an appropriate transport protocol for IoT. In this paper, we specifically tackle this question, by means of an evaluation carried out over a real platform. In particular, we conduct a thorough characterization of the performance of the MQTT protocol, when used over TCP and QUIC. We deploy a real testbed, using commercial off-the-shelf devices, and we analyze two of the most important key performance indicators for IoT: delay and energy consumption. The results evince that QUIC does not only yield a notable decrease in the delay and its variability, over various wireless technologies and channel conditions, but it does not hinder the energy consumption.

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