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Operations and Maintenance Technologies


The differentiation between the assets offered by the different companies is increasingly lower. Therefore, after-sale maintenance is becoming a key business to achieve competitive edge capable of gaining the loyalty of the customers and generating recurrent income.

Investing in this area allows us to help our customers to design custom maintenance plans, to perform an optimal dimensioning of critical resources (surplus, people, etc.), to establish efficient operating strategies that guarantee the correct deployment of the after-sale service, in addition to the continuous adequacy of these maintenance plans and the evaluation of the non-reliability during its life cycle.

Operations and Maintenance Technologies

Technologies we employ

  • Dynamic rating of the assets and behavioural analysis based on the operation conditions (clustering)
  • Customisation of maintenance plans
  • Design of the after-sales service and dimensioning of critical resources
  • Optimisation of the scheduling of the maintenance plans based on restrictions
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): identification and evaluation RAM-LCC, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and TCO
  • Identification and design of new opportunities of after-sale services.


Patxi Zubizarreta

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Patxi Zubizarreta

Operations and Maintenance Technologies - Head of Department

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