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Reliable Embedded Systems Laboratory

Reliable Embedded Systems Laboratory

The Reliable Embedded Systems Laboratory offers a space prepared for deployment and validation of research and product development applications based on Embedded Systems.

The laboratory consists of two separate areas. The first one recreates a domestic-residential scenario in which the following applications are deployed:

  • Home automation network of FAGOR household appliances connected via the power network
  • Remote application (M2M) for the deployment and monitoring of the first household appliance units in user homes (GPRS connections with central management servers)

The second area of the laboratory includes two ambitious development and validation platforms:

  • Platform for demonstration of the SIL4 (Safety Integrity Level - 4) system. Control elements in triplicate, based on FPGA (reprogrammable) type devices and high-performance Microprocessors (multicore). Operating systems, Hypervisors, Real time middleware.
  • Platform for demonstrating a M2M (Machine to Machine) scenario made up of hundreds of nodes interacting with a central server through the infrastructures available: GPRS / 3G through the usual operators and infrastructures such as home ADSL and corporate WiFi, etc.
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