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PCB assembly laboratory

PCB assembly laboratory

Prototype manufacturing laboratory for prototype assembling and reparation during product development and validation phases. The manufacturing of prototypes is carried out using semi-manual equipment such as:

Assembly and reparation equipment:

  • Semiautomatic desktop dispensing Martin Dot-liner 07 robot
  • 3 Martin expert rework station with low profile bottom heater for pre-warning of PCB and BGA and QFN components soldering facilities
  • Reflow oven
  • Soldering and desoldering ERSA rework systems
  • Coating machine





Inspection systems:

  • VS7 optical inspection system
  • 2 Tagarno digital microscope
  • Endoscopic Flexia inspection system
  • Optilia microscope
  • Leica microscope

Material storage:

  • SD 151-21 dry cabinet for medium to long-term PCB or components storage
  • GALYS store management software
  • SDV 26 Vaccum Packing Machine
  • Component Store Zone
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