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Microsystems Laboratory

Microsystems laboratory

Clean room


  • Class 100 photolithography area
  • Class 1000 chemical bath area
  • Class 1000 process, characterisation and encapsulation area
  • Water ultrapurification system and deionised water
  • Environmental waste control

Photolithography equipment:

  • Ramgraber chemical bath with various tanks for cleaning samples and developing photo resin, with and without ultrasound. It has 2 spinners for the photo resin tank and for drying
  • Karl Süss MA6/BA6 and EVG620 two sided alignment-exposure unit 

Process equipment:

  • ATV PEO-601 Dry or wet thermal oxidation furnace
  • Harrick and Diener Pico plasma cleaning
  • Pfeiffer Vacuum Classic 500 coating system with 4 Ferrotec 4” magnetrons
  • Dimatix DMP-2800 ink-jet printer
  • Dr. Blade
  • Glove chamber with evaporator
  • Quantum dots synthesis chamber

Chemical process equipment:

  • 2 Ramgraber general purpose chemical baths for cleaning and processing
  • One Ramgraber KOH chemical bath
  • Electrochemical shutdown system in KOH with AMMT potentiostat model SC
  • AMMT PSB silicon porosification/electropolishing system
  • Iko Fibrotools electrodeposit system

Dry etching equipment:

  • Oxide dry etching system RIE Oxford Plasmalab 80
  • DRIE Oxford Plasmalab 80 Silicon deep etching system


  • Karl Süss SB6 and EVG510 wafer level encapsulation machine (anodic bonding, eutectic, silicon-silicon)
  • DAD321 Disc Cutter
  • Dr. Tresky 3002 die attach and flip-chip flexible machine
  • Kulicke & Soffa 4524 (ball-wedge) and 4523 (wedge-wedge) interconnection machines
  • Pull and shear tests with Daga 4000 system


  • Quanta 200 electronic microscope with EDAX Genesis 2000 materials analysis
  • LEICA DM LM 1000x magnification microscope
  • Leica MZ 12.5 stereo microscope, with Leica DC200 Digital Camera and IM 1000 software
  • Atos non-contact confocal profilometer

Metricon Model 2010 Prism Coupler refraction index:

  • Sentech SE500 ellipsometer
  • Jandel multi-position sheet resistance
  • Optical equipment for testing in waveguides
  • Climats Excal 5424-HE climatic chamber for testing temperature and humidity
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