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Medium Voltage Power Electronics Laboratory

Medium Voltage Power Electronics laboratory

The Power Electronics and Medium Voltage lab (LMTEP) allows us to perform electrical tests on Low and Medium Voltage power electronics converters (up to 4 kV DC) for validating drives and converters connected to the network.

The laboratory has the following equipment:

  • Two test areas with adjustable DC Power Supply 0V ÷ 4 kV and 150 kW each
  • Three engine benches with regenerative drives (two 110 kW and one 2 x 15 kW)
  • Charges/filters (resistors, inductors, capacitors)
  • Three-phase transformer 400 V / 400V 150 kVA
  • Water cooling system with cooling capacity of 20 kW and specific power of 1 kW/ºC
  • IGBTs test bench (1.7 kV, 3.3 kV and 6.5 kV) for performing switching tests and evaluating losses by comparison

For control and monitoring of equipment, various types of scientific equipment and instrumentation are available (oscilloscopes and recorders, differential voltage probes, current probes and Rogowski probes, high performance multichannel wattmeter, thermal imager, etc.).

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