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EMC & RF Test Laboratory

EMC & RF test laboratory

Shielded room made up of:

  • Equipment for testing conducted immunity (Surges, Burst, current injection, etc.) in single phase and three-phase current, digital signals, communication lines, etc. EN61000-4-4/5/6/8/9 standards, etc.
  • Equipment for measuring conducted emission in single and three-phase equipment. EN 55014-1, EN 55022 standards, etc.
  • Equipment for ESD tests. EN 61000-4-2 standard, ISO 10605

Generic power system:

  • Equipment for measuring harmonics and flicker effect in single phase and three-phase devices. EN61000-3-2/3 standards
  • Equipment for generating effects in power systems: drops, gaps, interruptions, etc. EN61000-4-11 standards
  • Generation of magnetic fields (50/60 Hz) EN61000-4-8/9

Semi-anechoic chamber. EMC Pre-certification and Radio frequency tests:

  • Radiated emission measurements at 3 metres. Useful volume 1.2 m (diameter) x 2 m (height)
  • NSA Factor: ± 6 dB (30-200 MHz) ± 4 dB (200-1000 MHz). EN55022 standards, etc.
  • Radiated immunity tests (3 to 20 V/m)
  • Automated hydraulic antenna mast and turntable for EUT
  • Automated EMC and RF instrumentation and measuring processes
  • Equipment for Electrical Safety tests: rigidity, insulation, leakage currents, etc.
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