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Electrical Energy Storage Systems Laboratory

Electrical Energy Storage Systems laboratory

Equipment for electrical and thermal characterisation of batteries and ultracapacitors:

Electrical characterisation equipment:

  • Automated electrical characterisation equipment
  • Possibility of programming and combining different power profiles
  • Possibility of collecting data on voltage, power and temperature every 10 ms
  • Possibility of collecting additional voltage and temperature data in the batteries studied
  • Current ranges from ± 10 mA to ± 500 A
  • Voltage range between 0 V and 6 V up to 500 A, and from 6 V to 100 V up to 200 A
  • Measurement accuracy: voltage: 1 mV, Temperature: 0.5 K, Power: 0.5 % of the value measured

Equipment for temperature control: 

  • Climatic chambers with capacity of 80 l, 150 l, 200 l and 600 l with temperature range from -40 to 180 ºC, safety level 6
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.35 ºC
  • Possibility of programming and combining different temperature profiles
  • Possibility of controlling the climatic chamber from the electrical characterisation equipment

Impedance Spectroscopy:

  • Multi-channel complex impedance spectroscopy
  • From 1 μHz to 6.5 KHz
  • Alternate current up to 2 A
  • Reference electrodes
  • Voltage range between 0 V and 20 V
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