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Wind turbine assembly system

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Wind turbine assembly system

  • Customer

    HWS Concrete Towers

  • Sector


  • Lines of specialisation

    Mechatronics and Automation

  • Challenge

    HWS Concrete Towers and other wind turbine manufacturers are confronted with the challenges of designing larger wind turbines due to the limited number of hoists that can lift the loads of the ever-increasing size of wind turbines as well as the mass values of the Nacelle and blades. 

  • Solution

    IKERLAN has collaborated with HWS Concrete Towers in the development of an innovative self-climbing hoist system. This system can assemble a concrete tower from its base upwards, making it possible to erect towers of any height. Furthermore, the system has been sized to hoist the entire nacelle system and blades. 

  • Customer benefits

    HWS Concrete Towers has patented a novel wind tower assembly system designed for the emerging high-tower market. 

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