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Tools to evaluate the potential of electrical storage

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Tools to evaluate the potential of electrical storage

Support system for the power generation maximizing the investment income

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    Energy and Power Electronics

  • Challenge

    In the face of the ever-greater participation of the renewable sources of energy in the electric power network, Iberdrola faces the challenge of evaluating the potential of the electrical storage as support system for power generation.            

  • Solution

    The purpose of the collaboration between IKERLAN and Iberdrola has been the calculation of the storage level necessary to provide the services of electrical-grid support, maximizing the investment income.

    The solution posed has been the design of the ESS2WIND tool, which allows for the analysis of diverse functionalities of grid support on a group of wind farms. From IKERLAN, we have also participated in the application of the tool to perform dimensioning studies in close collaboration with Iberdrola.  

  • Customer benefits

    The result of this project will allow Iberdrola Renovables to assess the potential of the storage systems in different scenarios, both nationwide as well as in other markets, opening new business opportunities.

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