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Synchronized production: operating efficiency in processes

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Synchronized production: operating efficiency in processes

A new management model for complex scenarios

  • Customer


  • Sector


  • Lines of specialisation

    Advanced Manufacturing

  • Programme

    Basque government: COMPITE

  • Challenge

    Betsaide manufactures cast components for a wide variety of sectors and with an extensive catalogue. The great variety of materials, dimensions, operations, quality requirements, etc., makes it difficult for the efficiency of the company, in terms of production and service level.

  • Solution

    In this collaboration project between IK4-Ikerlan and Betsaide, we have implemented a new production management model to improve the efficiency and the level of service, increase the efficiency in the finishings and the logistics for a better control of the flow of materials, to adapt the organisational structure of the company to the current needs, and to develop new applications of the data system.

  • Customer benefits

    As a result of this project, Betsaide has been able to reduce the costs of the surpass, transport and containers, in addition to the cycle time of the entry to the warehouse, its number of downtime, and effects on production and the imbalance percentage of inventories.

    In addition, it has managed to increase the performance, the space in the entry zone and productivity, all thanks to planning. 

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