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Smart sensors for railway

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Smart sensors for railway

Realiable wireless sensors for monitoring

  • Customer


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  • Lines of specialisation

    Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies

  • Challenge

    The Test and Analysis Centre, CETEST, which the CAF Group has in Beasain performs tests in different fields such as in railway structures. However, the complex cable networks which had to be utilized to perform their measurements did not allow to work efficiently. 

  • Solution

    IKERLAN in collaboration with CETEST, has developed a wireless sensor technology capable of monitoring different physical variables, such as acceleration and deformation of a railway structure. This system helps CETEST to perform their tests on this type of structures in a more flexible and faster way.

  • Customer benefits

    With this project, CETEST distributes the wireless sensors along the structure and maintains the different measuring points in a synchronised way in a range of microseconds, through a strong and reliable wireless communication system.

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