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SCSE Superior Energy Collection System

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SCSE Superior Energy Collection System

  • Customer


  • Sector


  • Lines of specialisation

    Energy and Power Electronics

  • Challenge

    The railroad sector is constantly looking for solutions for catenary-free trams. IKERLAN has been working hand in hand with CAF-TE in response to the need of developing secure software to energize the tram for a safe load handling.

  • Solution

    The solution is based on developing SIL-2 software by using the VEGA hardware from CAF. The software safely controls the energizing and de-energizing of the cargo area.

    The development of SIL-2 software ensures the reliability of the solution provided by mitigating the risk of accidents at the time of loading the tram.

  • Customer benefits

    Thanks to this system, CAF-TE developed the charge point control for electrification processes of the on board accumulator or fast charge accumulator (ACR, Acumulador de Carga Rápida); an innovative technological solution of energization for trams without catenary and BRT systems 100 % electric with charge points / stations.

    This project allows CAF-TE to take the lead among solution provider companies for catenary-free trams.

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