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Supervision and protection for trains

Supervision and protection for trains

  • Customer


  • Sector


  • Lines of specialisation

    Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies

  • Programme

    State Administration: INNPACTO

  • Challenge

    Safety, in critical applications such as in trains, is a fundamental requirement that demands the compliance of strict regulations by the manufacturers.

  • Solution

    The ROSAE project (Railway Operation Safety - ETCS Embarcado) developed in collaboration with Grupo CAF, involves the development of a SIL 4 system in charge of the supervision and protection of the train, in accordance with the information provided from abroad. The development is based on a triple redundancy hardware, several input/output interfaces, sensorization and communications, and a reliable and distributed software, all of that with the maximum demand at the integrity level SIL 4.

  • Customer benefits

    This development is translated to the railway transport company in an integrated system: HW + SW + VHDL with a triple system.

    In addition, the development includes a maximum SIL4 level of integrity that statistically implies that the electrical system can only experience a serious failure once every 100,000 years of operation.

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