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Remote control devices connected to the cloud, which open new business opportunities in the industry

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Remote control devices connected to the cloud

New generation of remote controls for industrial cranes which are able to share operational data via the Internet

  • Customer


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  • Lines of specialisation

    Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies

  • Challenge

    Despite the use of remote controls being very frequent to control industrial machinery, up until now the market has not offered the possibility of monitoring these devices remotely. This is something, which provides many benefits.

  • Solution

    IKERLAN is working in collaboration with the Basque company IKUSI, which belongs to the Velatia Group and specialises in electronic solutions and ICT. Together, we are developing next-generation remote controls for industrial cranes and other applications in the field of mobility. In addition to controlling the operation of these by radio control, they are capable of monitoring their activity and sending this information via the Internet to a cloud platform for the data to be processed.

    This development uses hardware installed on the remote control devices, which gathers information about operation and, through the Internet of things, automatically sends it to a server. In addition, a portal has been facilitated with an easy-to-use interface allowing all this information to be accessed.

  • Customer benefits

    This development allows information to be obtained about the operation of a fleet of cranes and to predict possible faults. This will open up new possibilities for the company to develop business models based on the utilisation of generated data.


Apart from the progress this new generation of remote controls provides for the IKUSI product catalogue, thanks to the inclusion of remote services the company can broaden its scope with a new range of high added value services

Borja Pérez

R&D manager from IKUSI

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